SmedSpeed XS650


engine rebuilds

The XS650 is a veritable icon of motorcycle design.  The initial engine design was a typical 70's Japanese engine design, very strong with good materials. The engineers at Yamaha did a good job of “benchmarking” engines from the competition, and the engine is a relatively good internal copy of the Laverda 653/750 twins of the time, whilst the head is pure Triumph in appearance and the clutch cover similar in shape to a BSA A65.

However, well over thirty five years since the last XS650 rolled off the production line, most engines are in dire need of a rebuild. Whilst they still run, and to the inexperienced seem to run quite well, most have worn to a high degree, and as a result are down on power and up on engine noise and oil consumption.

If you need an engine rebuild, please contact me to discuss your requirements. I look forward to assisting you in the coming years......

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