SmedSpeed XS650


customers bikes

Click on the following 3 pictures to see first starts of customers rebuilt rephased engines:

The following pictures are from many past customers who have had products or engine work from Smedspeed XS650. The pictures encompass nearly all forms of racing, and custom work. I really wanted a library of pictures so people who might contemplate building an XS650 can see what others have done before them, and be spurred on by it.

Kye Forte
Kye Forte at Rye House track. Photo © Paul France

Martin Guilford sidecar champion 2016
Martin Guilford/Mike Geraghty Pre-84 Sidecar Champions 2016

Russ B bike

Andy H flat tracker

pic 3

sidecar motocross

pic 4

pic 5

pic 6

pic 7

pic 8

pic 8